Our Services

Construction & Innovation

Interior renovations

Our experience in the field of residential renovations has allowed us to set up a structured and precise working methodology that enables us to satisfy all the requests of the client through both the strong degree of specialization of dedicated teams and the selection of a network of highly professional and dedicated suppliers and specialists.

Commercial projects

Thanks to our experience, we successfully deal with the turnkey construction of any type of projects for commercial purposes.

This allows us to fulfil the needs of our customers, and meet deadlines and quality expectations.

We also know how to optimize delivery times to minimize execution times, allowing customers to quickly resume their activity, creating a synchronized and synergic time-schedule between all players involved in the implementation of the project.

Maintenance of offices, commercial activities, buildings and residential houses

We actively deal with the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of offices, commercial activities, buildings and residential homes.

Ordinary maintenance is carried out through scheduled periodic checks or at the request of customers, in order to meet the different needs of the users who occupy the building.

Extraordinary maintenance is performed either during working hours or on an emergency call.  We offer 24/365 extraordinary maintenance service to offices, showrooms or shops.